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Welcome Back! Its great to see all our smiley happy learners with us again this year. We are fortunate to have a large number of new families who have decided to join us here at Mount Primary, so a special welcome to you all. Teachers are busy setting up expectations for the year and establishing their classroom programmes. Each teacher will send out a note to their class outlining the expectations and routines to be expected. 

Here's to a great year of fun, laughter and learning. 

Our programme of celebrations for the 18th and 19 of October is coming together now.

Friday the 18th from lunchtime on our school is celebrating its 100th birthday with a massive school wide birthday party involving all our current students. 

This is followed by wine and cheese ( and other nibbles) in our school hall which will have photos through the eras, artefacts and other things to remind you all of the good times at Mount Primary. 

Due to bad weather and wet grounds a decision has been made to postpone our school cross country until this Thursday the 13th of June. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

On Monday the 4th of March the Team Lee children performed a Haka called 'From the Begninning'
Here is the video link of the performance for you to enjoy. 

Term 1: 30th Jan to 19th April

Term 2: 6th May to 12th July

Term 3: 29th July to 27th September

Term 4: 14th October to 13th December

Quiz Night is back again!! This year it's being held at Classic Flyers and will be better than last year so study hard and get your tickets before they run out!


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