Our School

Mount Maunganui Primary School is a decile 7 school for Year 0 - 6 learners living within our school zone. We have a roll of around 400 students.

We are licenced to enrol International Students and have hosted students from Japan, China, Korea, Spain, the USA and England. These students add a unique perspective on and to our school, this is another part of what makes Mount Primary a special place.

Our school performs well academically and has a safe and friendly environment.

We believe firmly in establishing and maintaining a strong positive partnership with our school community and we see this as another of our schools strengths.

Our school is only metres away from one of New Zealand’s most spectacular beaches. It is this location that permeates much of what happens at Mount Primary. It is symbolised in our logo, it is part of team sports rotations and many other learning opportunities for our students.