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Students are provided with extended opportunities for learning. These lessons are called AIMs. During this time, students elect into an area of interest or need. Please see below for activities that students have participated thus far.

Examples include: moviemaking, singing, surf school, woodwork, electricity, technology craftmaking, photography and more...

AIMs Videos  below...
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Our School 

Mount Maunganui Primary School is a decile 9 school for Year 0 - 6 (age 5 - 11) learners living within our school zone. We have a roll of around 450 students. We are licenced to enrol International Students and have hosted students from Japan, China, Korea, Spain, the USA and England. These students add a unique perspective on and to our school, this is another part of what makes Mount Primary a special place.

Our school performs well academically and has a safe and friendly environment. We believe firmly in establishing and maintaining a strong positive partnership with our school community and we see this as another of our schools strengths. Our school is only metres away from one of New Zealand’s most spectacular beaches. It is this location that permeates much of what happens at Mount Primary. It is symbolised in our logo, it is part of team sports rotations and many other learning opportunities for our students.

Our Houses

The Four Sports Houses
There are four school houses - Tui, Huia, Kiwi and Kaka. These were established prior to 1970 at the old school site and faded out in the 80s.  They were resurrected in 2010 as a vehicle for more fun cross school events. These houses offer an opportunity for school-wide house points given in each class. Our houses offer students another chance to mix with different students, and to show pride in their house.
House Shirts
Each house has an assigned colour Kiwi-red, Tui-yellow, Kaka-green and Huia-Blue and children are able to purchase t-shirts in these colours to wear at school events.  House points are added up each week and the winning house at each whole school assembly is honored by being presented with their house flag which is then raised on our flag pole.
House Leaders are selected each year and lead their houses. They also run our whole school assemblies and are responsible for organising lunchtime games for the Junior School.


FlippaBall Competitions
Students are provided with a range of sporting activities from water sports through to traditional games. Sporting competitions occur within school, between regional schools (clusters) and schools from around New Zealand. Some students also compete at a national level for various annual events.

Students competing in FlippaBall
At Mount Primary we strive to allow each student to achieve in their strengths and cater to varying needs. Come on down to the Mount on a weekend morning and see for yourself how our Mounties are truly Team Players!

Orkney Team

This is the schools Senior Team which has our Year 5 and 6 students in it.

Clyde Team

This team is made up of a mixture of our Year 3 and 4 students.

Lee Team

This team is made up of a mixture of our Year 2 and 3 students.

Tay Team

This is the schools Junior Team comprising of the New Entrant, Year 1 and 2 students.


At Mount Maunganui Primary School Mountie is at the centre of all our learning and is what we seek to create in all our learners. 
We believe that children learn best in pleasant, emotionally supportive classroom environments with clear boundaries and expectations.  Our classroom environments reflect quality learning and our teaching techniques allow students to feel nurtured, supported and secure enough to take the necessary risks to learn new skills and become successful life time learners.
Within our classrooms you will see a combination of the best of past and present 'best practices';

  • Effective classroom routines will be established.
  • Students will learn the skills required to co-operate effectively with others.
  • Students will be aware of the behavioural expectations placed on them based on values such as Respect, Honesty, Positive Attitude and Manners.
  • Teachers will model the kinds of behaviour that we would like to see at MMPS.
  • Students actively engaged in learning
    Teachers will introduce new skills by modelling, demonstrating or providing guidelines and appropriate strategies to complete a task and realise their creativity.
  • Teachers will support students to understand why they are completing particular tasks and what is expected of them. 
  • Teachers will provide encouragement, support and effective feedback so that students can continue to grow in all areas of their learning.
  • Students complete independent activities
    Teachers will help students to move freely between independence and interdependence and to appreciate the difference between the two.
  • Teachers will implement quality assessment practices and use the data to guide the learning and teaching in their classrooms.

History of Mount Maunganui Primary School

Mount Maunganui Primary School began its journey at its original site between Rata, Tawa and Totara Streets in August of 1913. This school was a little different from the current one with only one building and about 43 pupils.
The initial buildings
Over the next few years the school saw considerable growth and a corrugated iron prefab was added to the school in 1925 which by now had 107 pupils. 
The school continued to grow between 1925 and 1952 with the addition of more classrooms, a dental clinic and a swimming pool.
In 1954 land was purchased in Orkney Road for the new school site, by 1955 Mount Primary had a roll of 500 students.
The original classroom
It wasn't until 1969 that the school began its big move away from what was a growing commercial area. August 1969 saw all students learning in prefab classrooms while contractors readied that school buildings for their move.
With the opening of Omanu school our school roll dropped to about 414 students. This is the same size as our school currently is now in 2012. The original school building can be seen still at the Tauranga Historic Village on 17th Ave.
75th Jubilee Celebrations 1988
Whilst our school has its historical roots, we are always implementing and trialling new ideas for enhancing the learning of our students. Our current school has many exciting and vibrant learning spaces, please feel free to come on down and have a look.
Mount Maunganui Primary School has four teaching teams. The teams came about in 2010 when the school looked to grow teacher leadership and also make team sizes more manageable. Each team has been uniquely named after the four streets that surround Mount Maunganui Primary.

2013 Centenary celebrations
If you would like to share your details with us you can view other past members' details. If you would like to view other members' details and memories, please fill in the form below.

School Map:
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At Mount Primary School we have 4 values. These 'Mountie' values represent positive behaviour for our students. 

The four values are:
Team Player
Self Manager

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