Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at Mount Primary

At Mount Maunganui Primary School Mountie is at the centre of all our learning and is what we seek to create in all our learners. 

We believe that children learn best in pleasant, emotionally supportive classroom environments with clear boundaries and expectations.  Our classroom environments reflect quality learning and our teaching techniques allow students to feel nurtured, supported and secure enough to take the necessary risks to learn new skills and become successful life time learners.

Within our classrooms you will see a combination of the best of past and present 'best practices';

  • Effective classroom routines will be established.

  • Students will learn the skills required to co-operate effectively with others.

  • Students will be aware of the behavioural expectations placed on them based on values such as Respect, Honesty, Postive Attitude and Manners.

  • Teachers will model the kinds of behaviour that we would like to see at MMPS.

  • Teachers will introduce new skills by modelling, demonstrating or providing guidelines and appropriate strategies to complete a task and realise their creativity.

  • Teachers will support students to understand why they are completing particular tasks and what is expected of them .

  • Teachers will provide encouragement, support and effective feedback so that students can continue to grow in all areas of their learning.

  • Teachers will help students to move freely between independence and interdepence and to appreciate the difference between the two.

  • Teachers will implement quality assessment practices and use the data to guide the learning and teaching in their classrooms.