MOUNT Maunganui Primary School

Important notice for out of zone students:

Currently the Mount Maunganui Primary School Board of Trustees will not be considering or accepting any out of zone applications.

In Zone Students:

Please attach to the completed enrolment form the following documents:

  1. NZ Birth Certificate or NZ Passport
  2. Immunisation Details
  3. Proof of address – two required: Power Account and Tenancy Agreement, Rates demand or Water Rates Notice (the original documents can be photocopied at the school office).

Mount Maunganui Primary School zone includes all residential addresses north from Hull Road. Maunganui Road south to and including both sides of Tui Street and Moa Street, and north from the intersection of the corner of Moa Street and Marine Parade.
The enrolment of out of zone students is governed by the provisions of the Education Act 1989.


The school zone is from 14 Oceanbeach Road, down Moa and Tui Street (the Mount side of the road), then down to 561 Maunganui Road.

Enlarged version of paradise and school zone from 14 Oceanbeach Road, down to 561 Maunganui Road (Mount side).

Voluntary Activities

School class trips, Music lessons, Sports Team participation.
All Parents are notified of these well in advance. They come to around $100 per year.
Camps: Around $150.00 per student.

Out of Zone

The School Board of Trustees will not be considering or accepting any out of zone applications.

International Students

Mt Maunganui Primary School has agreed to observe and be bound by the code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education at http://www.nzqa.govt.nz

Prime Condition of Enrolment

Mt Maunganui Primary School requires that all International Students live with their parents or legal guardians (proof of legal guardianship must be supplied).

Health and Travel Insurance

Most students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand unless they are:

  • A resident or citizen of Australia; or
  • A national of the United Kingdom in New Zealand

Individualised learning experiences for International Students
The holder of a temporary permit that is valid for two years or more.
If you do not belong to one of these special categories and you receive medical treatment during your visit, you will be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Health and Medical Insurance is compulsory for all students for the duration of study in New Zealand. We also strongly recommend that you obtain insurance to cover your travel to and from New Zealand.


Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration service.

Compulsory Costs of Tuition and Other Course Related Costs

Tuition Fees (annual payable in advance):

NZ $12,250 for one year or NZ $3,065 per term

$300 Enrolment Fee – one off

$200 Admin. Fee

This covers: Classroom tuition, Stationery, School Hat, House T-Shirt, Textbooks on loan, English as a Second Language tuition if required.

Key Features of our International Student Programme

At various times over the last few years, individual students from many countries including India, Japan, South Korea and Brazil have attended this school. They have participated in all school activities offered to them to the benefit of their families, themselves and the other students who get the benefit of other perspectives.
As in the past, if we have space in classrooms, we will enrol international students on the understanding that our main aim is to provide them with a typical New Zealand Primary School experience.

Opportunities to converse in english

Having said that, we will continue to follow practices that are sensitive to the needs and values of all cultures in the school. If a student requires help with English as a Second Language, this will be provided for with extra English language tuition each morning.
For most of the school day each student will be attached to a regular classroom where they will receive schooling in the New Zealand curriculum for the remainder of the day.
If you would like to enrol your student at Mount Maunganui Primary School please fill out the enrolment form and return to the school.

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07 575 3960

Mount Maunganui Primary School
13 Orkney Road
Mount Maunganui

Term Dates



T1: 3rd February - 8th April
T2: 28th April - 3rd July
T3: 20th July - 25th September
T4: 12th October - 16th December



T1: 2nd February - 16th April
T2: 3rd May - 9th July
T3: 26th July - 1st October
T4: 18th October - 15th December (to be confirmed)



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